Full Lifestyle Design Protocol

Full Lifestyle Design Protocol


Full intake evaluation (1.5hrs)

  • Personal Health Assessment (Nutribody Analyses)*

  • Individualized Protocol (Supplement + Diet + Lifestyle recommendations)**

  • Blood/Saliva Test Recommendations

*Nutribody Analyses

The nutribody analyses is a series of 600 symptom based questions developed by Dr. David Rowland. The nutribody analyses are currently recognized as the most thorough questionnaire analyzing an individual’s unique bio-individuality. The report generated indicates which body systems need immediate attention, which systems are compromised and systems in good standing. The analysis touches on everything from organ systems, endocrine systems and nutrient deficiencies.

**Individualized Protocol

An individualized protocol is broken down into 3 sections: Supplemental, Dietary and Lifestyle. The supplemental section includes a description of each supplement, why you are taking the supplement, when to take the supplement and how much of the supplement to take. The diet protocol includes a list of food to include, remove and a 7 day example meal plan. All meal plans differ based on goals and bio-individuality. The lifestyle protocol includes; exercise, meditation, toxic substances and even community involvement recommendations. Individualized Protocols are are added to each each session to build a sustainable lifestyle.

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