Katie Bigras

Katie Bigras (CNP, B.Sc. SEPt) is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a joint honours degree in Environmental Science and Biology. She is currently becoming certified in a Trauma based therapeutic model called Somatic Experiencing. Katie has a passion for science, the environment and holistic health optimization. 

Katie is the founder of The Happy Hormone and serves as the President and Executive Director of the Integrative Institute for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. After dealing with her own mental health challenges, Katie‚Äôs passion for holistic healing, wellbeing and self optimization became her obsession! Katie has dedicated herself to learning how to heal the body and mind through naturopathic medicine, nutrition and lifestyle and trauma therapy.

Katie is a scientist, nutritionist, writer, speaker, workshop leader, environmental sustainability enthusiast, traveller and hiker. An energizing and passionate speaker, Katie has given talks at Trent University, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, 1440 Multiversity, wellness retreats and to multiple athletic groups. Katie is known for her contributing articles to maxlugavere.com, selfhacked.com and of course her own site. Katie is passionate about sharing information and motivating people to take charge of their health and optimizing their bodies. 

The Happy Hormone was founded on dedication and pure passion. Katie is determined to reach as many individuals suffering from PMDD as possible to support in healing holistically. Feel free to connect with Katie directly with any questions you may have!